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WiFi Calls on YOUR Number, SMS


✈ YouRoam Premium lets you make and receive calls on YOUR phone number anywhere in the world over WiFi or 3G data! STOP PAYING OUTRAGEOUS ROAMING AND LONG DISTANCE FEES! Receive calls on YOUR phone number over WiFi!
$10 for 100 global minutes and 100 global texts. See our transparent pricing here:
YouRoam can be used in every country to call and to send texts to any phone!
★ Free phone calls and free texting anyone that has YouRoam, anywhere in the world through WiFi or 3G!
◆ With the free YouRoam app, you will be able to:• Make/receive calls to and from YouRoam users for free anywhere in the world.• Receive free calls on YOUR cellphone number from any phone, anywhere in the world. (available for 36 countries)• Send and receive instant messages to YouRoam users for free. • Messenger lets you send pictures, videos, your location, voice memos and emoticons.• Easily access all your phone contacts to make calls directly and with just 1 click.• Notification of missed calls even if your cellphone was turned off or on airplane mode.• Receive and check voicemails for free over WiFi.• Use messenger and make free calls on phones or tablets, even with no service plan and just WiFi.• Send selfies to your friends and family while you travel.• Smart Caller ID- never waste time with a telemarketer. See who the unknown caller is and ignore unwanted calls
✈ When you travel or when you need to call long-distance avoid high cellphone bills using YouRoam!
YOUR PHONE NUMBER: Use your cell phone number, caller ID and your phone all over the world to make free calls. Make and receive really inexpensive calls to any phone in through a secure in-app purchase.
SMART CALLER ID: You can see exactly who is calling you even if they arent in your phone book! Receive all your calls when you travel. Anyone you call will see your cellphone number on their caller ID.
IMPORTANT: YouRoam does not support 911 and other emergency calling or texting phone numbers.
FAQs:How does YouRoam work? YouRoam is a mobile and web application that allows you to receive calls on your original phone number and make calls to anyone in the world displaying your regular phone number without incurring high roaming or international charges. YouRoam also lets you call and text any phone in the world, even if the person you are calling does not have the app or a smartphone.
To receive calls, we help you forward your phone number into YouRoam before you leave your home country. Once you arrive to your destination, turn on your WiFi and start receiving calls! You can receive calls from people who don’t have YouRoam if you have a phone number from one of the 36 countries currently supported.
Call forwarding is available in 36 countries:Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Georgia, Isreal, Ireland, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Peru, Poland, South Africa, Slovenia, Spain,Romania, United Kingdom, United States and Venezuela
What is the difference between YouRoam and applications like Skype, WhatsApp or Viber?You can call any phone and the other person sees your regular phone number on their caller ID. Also, your friends can call you from any landline or mobile, directly on YOUR PHONE number. Your friends and clients don not ever need to know you are abroad. There is no need for App-to-App calling with YouRoam.
Does YouRoam use my regular minutes? YouRoam does not use your minutes for outbound calls. If you use it to receive calls by forwarding your phone number to YouRoam, carriers typically deduct the minutes you spend on forwarded calls against your monthly minutes. However, since YouRoam provides you with a local telephone number, you will not face large international roaming fees while making and receiving calls abroad if you call through YouRoam and WiFi.